Marcos Álvarez Costales - Bio

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Just make (it) happen!

JobSpare time
I worked as ABAP analist & developer. Currently I'm working as Linux administrator and I'm moving my career to DevOps.In my spare time I'm working as Free Software contributor with enthusiasm and hard-working in innovating projects.



2013 - PresentLinux System Administrator
2006 - 2013ABAP Analist & Developer


2020AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
2019RedHat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation
2019RedHat System Engineer (RHCE)
2018Redhat System Administrator (RHCSA)
2010Data Center Technical Specialist
2010Novell Certified Linux Administrator


2019Privacy on the Net: Ubucon Europe, Lisbon
2019Development an Ubuntu Touch app: Ubucon Europe, Lisbon
2017Make your libre project a success: Ubucon Europe, Paris
2017Development an Ubuntu Touch app: Ubucon Europe, Paris
2016uNav as preinstalled application in Ubuntu Phone: Ubucon Europe, Essen
2015How to create an Ubuntu Phone app: Hacklab Almería
2015How to create an Ubuntu Phone app: Ubuntu Party, Paris
2014Security in Ubuntu: UbuconLA, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
2014Making webapps in Ubuntu: UbuconLA, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia


2020Compilando Podcast about uNav & Ubuntu
2018Podcast Linux Personal interview
2017Radio Interview about uNav
2015TV Interview about Ubuntu Phone
2011TV Interview about Ubuntu on RTPA
2011Interview about Gufw marked as featured project in Launchpad


2019Winner with the conference Privacidá n'Internet at Xixón fala en 3 minutos contest
2013Article in TuxInfo magazine
2013Ubuntu Local Community Council Member
2012Basic use of Ubuntu. Spanish Ubuntu User Day
2012Gufw configuration. Spanish Ubuntu User Day
2012Firefox Contributor
2010Ubuntu Member




2019Terraform for AWS
2019Automation with Ansible and Ansible Tower
2015Ubuntu GNU/Linux
2011SAP MM
2011Redhat 6 Administration
2010Optimization SQL Sentences
2008Advanced Internet
2008Advanced Unix Administration
2007JD Edwards
2006ABAP 4 (SAP R/3)


2017 - PresentPodcast Ubuntu y otras hierbas
2017Map in Asturian
2016uWriter: Text editor for Ubuntu phone
2015 - PresentaNoise. Noise player
2015 - PresentuNav. GPS Navigator for Ubuntu phone
2014Déjà Dup for Caja. Backup Menu for Caja File Browser
2012 - PresentFolder Color. Chage the folder's color in the file browser
2012Simple News. CodeIgniter Library
2012Simple Login. CodeIgniter Library
2012PYLang. Practice languages
2008 - PresentGufw. Firewall GUI